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Just a Dream Alpaca Farm in Belmont NH Raising Alpacas

We purchased our farm of 22 acres in Belmont, NH in 1987.  We began a cut-your-own Christmas Tree business a few years later and have continued with that.  During those years we have also raised several animals including cows, a horse, sheep, pigs and chickens, not to mention our two pet West Highland White Terriers who really “own” the farm. The fresh eggs we sell have always been a hit.  After close to a year without hens we are now selling fresh eggs again, available daily at our roadside stand.   Since the economy has not been kind to our retirement accounts we decided that we would like to do something different that we could see and touch and that wasn’t going to lose hundreds of dollars every month.  In October, 2010, after attending one of the many agricultural fairs in the state and speaking at length with an alpaca owner we decided to give them a try.  We started with 5 alpacas– 3 females and 2 males.  About a month later we added another female.  In the spring of 2011 we had our first cria (that is what a baby alpaca is called) – an adorable little boy named Duke.  On Labor Day, 2011 we had our second cria – a beautiful little girl named Lizzy.  So now we are up to 8 alpacas and 3 of our females have been bred to give birth in the fall of 2012.

Why alpacas you ask?  Here are some of the reasons:

  • Their fleece is highly desirable. Products made of alpaca fleece are extremely warm, hypoallergenic & naturally flame retardant
  • You don’t have to kill the animal to reap the benefits
  • They are very calm and quiet animals
  • You can raise approximately 5 alpacas on 1 acre of land
  • They only eat (hay and grain) about as much as a large dog.  1 bale of hay will feed 20 alpacas for a day.
  • They are very clean
  • They are cute, cuddly and oh so soft
  • They don’t normally require veterinary care
  • They are gentle on the environment.  They nibble the tops of grasses, don’t pull it up like sheep and they have padded toes much like a dog’s foot, so gentle on the land.
  • They don’t require extensive housing – a run-in barn is really sufficient
  • Having come originally from the Andes Mountains they are very comfortable in the cold climates and actually prefer it to the summer heat

Please look through our website and learn about these amazing animals.  We welcome visitors to the farm at anytime but it is best to call ahead to be sure we will be available to show you around.  Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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